Our history


Fizz-O  Water was founded in 1909 by Charles Page under the name  Sand Springs Water Company. Charles  began  development  of the spring during the time when Tulsa received there water from the Arkansas river.The company took its  name from the springs that naturally flowed down the sides of a hill near Adams road.Those springs were eventually closed due to pollution. The springs  can still be seen today  near the Walmart on Adams road in Sand Springs, OK.


In 1931 Harry  C. Doerner acquired the Sands Springs Water Company. Over the next 14 years Sand Springs Water Company was completely transformed. In 1941 Harry purchased the Distilled Water Company of Tulsa. Distilled water at the time was used in drug stores, laboratories, and similar institutions. Then in 1942 we expanded again, acquiring Fizz-O Water Company and Syfo Water Company, producer of carbonated water in the distinctive siphon-shaped seltzer bottles.

In 1942 Sand Spring Water Company changed names to Fizz-O Water Company. In 1944, we became the first distributor in Oklahoma of the Mountain Valley Spring Water Company. In 1947, Fizz-O Water discontinued bottling water from Sand Springs, due to highway construction that covered the spring. It was then, that  Fizz-O Water began to purchase its spring water from Eureka Springs in Arkansas. During that  time we   started to develop the Ozarka Drinking Water Brand in the Tulsa area. In 1972, the Eureka Springs property was sold, and we switched to a Natural Spring Source in the Quachita National Forest in Arkansas.