Start by picking a dispenser on the cooler page. If you already have a dispenser no problem, head over to the water page and pick the water you would like delivered. Once you pick your water give us a call. If have any questions we will be more than happy to help. 



Once you have made your selections, we will get you setup to start receiving water right away. Our delivery trucks cover large portions of Eastern Oklahoma, all of the Tulsa metro area and about 100 mile radius around Tulsa. If your not in our area we can help find a company to service you. Our trucks are in certain area on certain days, so for most customer you will have a specific day we deliver to your location. Our deliveries are free on your delivery day, there may be a fee if water is requested on a different day. Automatic route delivery is available in most areas. Pick-up is also available at our plant for a discounted price.


call 918-834-3691 #2 for new customer 

Need Gatorade this summer, we got you covered. 20 oz and 12 oz Gatorade for just $18.00 a case delivered. 20 oz Gatorade is a 24 bottle pack and the 12 oz is a 28 bottle pack.*